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I think I’m a lot like most people whereby I have come home from another busy day at the office and gone about my regular routine from supper to bed-time and throughout this process thought to myself several times about several things, “ohh this table/cupboard/bathroom faucet/ceiling fan (you name it, it’s all been on the list).  I can’t stand this thing. I really need to change it.” And that’s the end of it. Until tomorrow when I say it again.

I think I’m also like a lot of people and those things on that list get done last minute when I know I’m expecting special company or when It’s time to move and I think that no one would like to buy my home this way. But then when the changes are made and the house is all ready to list I can’t stop looking around and thinking about how much I love it and it’s too bad I don’t get to live in it when it finally looks and feels like the home I want to live in.

It would be my delight to help you give your home a facelift so you can love it, enjoy it, and feel proud of it. Maybe you feel it’s time for renovations or you want to rearrange the furniture, add a new coat of paint or a feature wall and maybe a couple of new and special pieces. I have felt those things too and I want to help you with your interior design plan.  You really can come home to a space that functions the way you need AND reflects your unique style.

I also like a new build. Never is there a time that you experience such excitement and anticipation combined with such agony and frustration as watching your house transform from paper into home.  There are few endeavors in life that fill you with more mixed emotions than going through the process of a new build.

Whether this is a forever home or the stepping stone towards it you are on the roller coaster of stress and pure joy and everything in between.  Welcome! My goal is to help you feel more in control and more confident and guide you in your selections so that you wow as you welcome your friends and family and, most importantly, your home is an expression of you where you feel most inspired, most relaxed, most safe, and most happy.


About Jennifer Hare

About Me


First of all, I would say I have a bit of a humble personality.  I’m not excellent at self promotion and I recognize the need to improve on my social media skills. I know there are a ton of interesting things to read about or look at in this world and my day to day goings on are not usually among them…BUT sometimes they are so I will try to keep you posted!

Also, I don’t dress perfect; my roots grow faster than I can keep up with; My idea of a strict diet is something resembling the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide plus a LOT of coffee; I exercise simply because it feels good and I like desert; I really like desert.  I don’t know everything about anything, but I love to learn.

Having said all that I want to thank you for checking out my website and being interested in what I do! Sincerely.

I can tell you I am truly interested in people.  I have always loved people and getting to know others and taking the time to understand who they are and what they are about.  And beyond that I am most fulfilled if I am in a place where I can be helpful in some way.  Prior to the arrival of my two little boys I dedicated my time and energy to my fifteen-year career as a Social Worker.

After the birth of my first son the writing was on the wall during my maternity leave that the job I loved no longer existed and would not be available to return to when the time came. I felt heartbroken to leave the work I loved and the people I had worked so hard to build relationships with. We were such a good team! If any of you are reading this, I still love you.

As torn up as I was, on the flip side, a new excitement was building and the nervous anticipation of stepping out in a completely different direction on a new career path was making me more and more giddy.

The more I realized I could actually be blessed enough to have the time and opportunity to give myself a chance in the field of Interior Design the more I realized how great my desire was to make it happen. Then, to make a long story short (ish!), several courses, another baby, a new-build home of our own, some other stuff, and a giant leap of faith and I am here doing what I love – creating and re-creating spaces of all types into selections YOU love.  AND my favourite pastime and therapeutic passion is now my new job description!

Ever since I can remember I have been designing spaces. As often as my parents would let me, I would rearrange the furniture and everything else in my bedroom or any other room I could get my hands on. I spent hours imagining our family home in as many different configurations of furniture, bedding, window treatments, and all things needed to dress a kitchen table, decorate a bathroom, bedroom, living room, nook, or office as the SEARS catalogue would allow.

Growing up on the farm there was an opportunity for a vision for everything in the barnyard vicinity. The tack room could always be re organized, the bales in the loft were meant for the animals but could most definitely serve multiple purposes so my siblings and I turned them into everything from our own amphitheater to multi room forts to platforms for jumping off, to creating the perfect homes for our respective farm cats’ new families on a fairly continuous basis!

I once convinced my little brother that we could build a second floor out of the attic to our 60 square foot playhouse. It didn’t work but I still think that with a little more structural insight and consultation it could have!

With as much space as we had to work with, even the snowbanks became like boardwalks for different snow forts, homes, and storefronts for my siblings and me to tour our extended family members and friends through.

From there the challenge became the college dorm room to the shabby rental house with the thrift store furniture (thank you mom for sewing slip covers for crappy couches) to learning that paint combinations are not fool proof when the landlord said “sure, go ahead and paint”!

But seriously, those memories and opportunities gave time to practice, make mistakes, and challenge myself to make big changes with little to no money and less than practiced skill lasted through all the rentals, the first nail biting experience of buying my own condo into our current home and they lead to some of the most fun, challenging, and most imaginative projects and to living in spaces that felt personal, expressive and happy. That’s the inspiration for what I want to share with you.

There’s nothing more comforting, expressive, and personal than daring to live and share your life in a space you have selected from top to bottom and side to side for you and those you love. That is what I want to help you achieve. My desire is for you to wake up, look around your space, and smile as you think to yourself, “I live here”.  So, let’s connect and get talking about the possibilities for your spaces.



We want to keep happy client's at the end of every project.